Compared to our Modular PSA Oxygen Generators, the OXYPURE® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators from NOXERIOR are able to cover larger oxygen consumptions.

These Twin-Tower systems are designed for heavy-duty operation, where system availability in combination with low running costs are primary objectives.

The key features of the OXYPURE® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators are:

High Reliability
Low gas speeds through the molecular sieve beds, first-class components, stainless steel valve bodies and process piping, heavy-duty industrial PLC. Manufactured to work. Always.
Lowest Energy Consumption
Energy cost is your major expense, not depreciation. Fast pay-back assured. Let OXYPURE® help you lower costs.
Easy Installation
Easy installation and integration with existing equipment: All system tie-in points are on one side.
Compact Dimensions
Limited height and minimum footprint to reduce transport costs. The largest OXYPURE® oxygen generators OS-100×3 and OS-100×4 will be supplied as turn-key installed systems on a transport frame.
An extended list of options allow you to define your specific OXYPURE® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generator adjusted to your individual requirements;

Technical Performance – OXYPURE® Twin-Tower PSA Oxygen Generators

  • Purity : 90 to 95% Oxygen
  • Flow up to 100 Nm3/h
  • Feed air pressure : minimum 6,0 and maximum 7,5 bar(g) .
  • Oxygen Discharge Pressure = from 5 to 6,0 bar(g)
  • Oxygen Dew Point = < -60 °C

Standard Components

Set of External Feed Air Filters

Adsorber Vessels to PED 97/23/CE

Process Valves with Stainless Steel Bodies

Process Piping within Skid Boundary

Exhaust Silencer

Air and Oxygen Pressure Regulation

Oxygen Analyser with Zirconium Oxide Sensor

Oxygen Pressure Transmitter

Control System with Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens KTP-700 Touch Panel HMI

Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP Data Communication


Electronic Oxygen Flow Meter

Feed Air Pressure Transmitter

Feed Air/Oxygen Temperature Transmitter

Feed Air/Oxygen Moisture Analyser

Analogue Output Signals 4 – 20 mA

Modbus RTU or Profibus DP Data Communication

Wi-Fi or GSM Module

Adsorber Vessels to ASME VIII Div. 1, AS1210 or SELO

Oxygen High Pressure Booster

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Rack

Medical Upgrade with CO/CO2 Analyser