Ultra high purity generator : up to 99,5% oxygen

OXYPURE DS-PSA applies a unique technology featuring a two-stage molecular separation process, allowing the removal of nitrogen, argon and traces of pollutants remaining after the first stage.

Incorporating a patented process, the Oxygen Concentration Stabilizer -OCS®- OXYPURE DS-PSA adjusts the outlet pressure as the flow required increases, to obtain an oxygen production at an exceptionnally stable purity (+/-0.2%).

Key Features

Highest concentration available with on-site production: up to market 99,5%

Ultra stable concentration ±0.2%

High definition colour touch screen 15’’

Cutting edge design with tempered glass & steel cabinet

Lateral process control panel with calibration system

Technical datas

Purity : from 96 to 99,5%

Flow : from 2.6 to 90Nm3/h

Inlet pressure : from 7.5 to 10 bar


Metal Industry:


Laser cutting

Brazing, welding

All industrial applications needing high purity oxygen