Flexibility & System Upgrade Dual Bank

Each NITROSWING® Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator can easily be upgraded at any time simply by adding modules or by installing a so-called Dual Bank in parallel without additional modifications.

A Dual Bank is a PSA nitrogen generator identical to the standard NITROSWING® PSA nitrogen generators, but without PLC and power supply, and which will be installed parallel to the standard PSA nitrogen generator. The Dual Bank will get its power and control signals from the NITROSWING® PSA nitrogen generator through a single cable connection (master/slave principle).

One NITROSWING® PSA nitrogen generator is able to control up to maximum of three Duals Banks in parallel.

Technical Performance – NITROSWING® Modular PSA Nitrogen Generators

Standard Components

Set of External Feed Air Filters

Adsorption Vessel Module(s) in Anodised Aluminium

Pneumatic Valves

Internal Piping & Fittings in Stainless Steel 316

Maintenance-free Exhaust Silencers

Air and Nitrogen Pressure Regulation

Local Instrumentation

Control System with Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC

Ethernet Data Communication Port

Touch Screen Operator Interface with Datalogging

Pressure Switch for Automated Idle-Mode


Dual Bank Unit(s)

Supporting Frame for Air Filters

Oxygen Analyser with Zirconium-Oxide Sensor

Electronic Product Flow Meter

Feed Air / Product Moisture Analyser

Feed Air / Product Pressure Transmitters

Feed Air / Product Temperature Transmitters

Nitrogen Sterile Filters


Nitrogen Booster

Nitrogen Cylinder Filling System

Customized cabinet colour