Laserpack – High pressure nitrogen for lasercut

On-site nitrogen production package for the metal industry.

NOXERIOR introduces NITROSWING LASERPACK, dedicated to the production of nitrogen on-site for lasercutting machines.

Nitroswing Laserpack is suitable for the nitrogen supply of all types of lasercutting machines, whatever the thickness of metal to cut (from 1 to 20 mm). A complete range allows to meet the specific needs of each end-user.

The complete system incorporates a nitrogen generator and a high pressure cylinder filling system allowing to store the necessary quantity of nitrogen to cover peak consumptions.  A feed air unit is also available to complete the package.

High nitrogen purity, perfect metal cut

The nitrogen purity produced is verified and guaranteed any time by an integrated analyzer.

Already installed on a large number of sites in France and abroad, the LASERPACK solution have been tested and validated by demanding users who obtain an perfect quality of cut.

Technical performances

Nitrogen purity : up to 5.0 (99.999%) – 10 or 100 ppm O2 residual

Storage pressure : 300 bar

Available output pressure adjustable according to the user needs