You need a reliable and fully automatic nitrogen supply with the smallest space requirements?

Advantages of NITROMEM® Cabinet Membrane Nitrogen Generators from NOXERIOR

Extremely Compact
No other membrane nitrogen system on the market with such limited space requirements. Reduced footprint, all tie-in connections on one side, easy to install and maintain. Ideal for marine / naval or offshore installations;

High Reliability
First-class components, stainless steel process piping and valve bodies, heavy-duty PLC. It should work. Always.

Remote Monitoring & Control
The special App from NOXERIOR will allow you to monitor both real-time process values and production statistics of your NITROMEM® Cabinet Membrane Nitrogen Generator remotely from any location or distance through smartphone or tablet. Even a remote start / stop option of your NITROMEM® nitrogen generator will be possible, if so required;

Easy System Adjustment
Only two cabinet sizes for the entire NITROMEM® product line, which allows a future capacity increase for all models, except for the NM-36 and NM-72. In case your nitrogen supply conditions will change, simply adjust your NITROMEM® system by varying the number of membrane modules. Just by yourself, no other modifications to the generator required;

Easy Fleet Management
Identical components for the entire model range = limited spare part management, easy maintenance;

Standard Components

Feed Air Filtration including Activated Carbon Tower

Process Piping & Fittings in Stainless Steel

Oxygen Analyser with Zirconium-Oxide Sensor

Feed Air & Nitrogen Pressure Transmitters

Automatic Off-spec Nitrogen Blow-off System

Feed Air and Nitrogen Pressure Regulation

Control System with Siemens PLC

Siemens 7” Interactive Touch Screen Operator Interface

Ethernet Connection

App for Remote Monitoring by Smartphone or Tablet


Electronic Product Flow Meter

Feed Air / Product Gas Moisture Analyser

Modbus or Profibus Data Connection

Buzzer and Flashing Light for Acoustic and Visual Alarm

Marine Version with Type Approval Certificate

External Nitrogen Sterile Filters

External Nitrogen Booster with Cylinder Filling Manifold